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Purpose: "the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists"

  • We believe in a different world

    "We acknowledge the power of sharing knowledge and we have understood that is the most powerful way to grow"

    We exist because we are passionate about helping people

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Why 80 20

"In any situation, 20 percent of the inputs or activities are responsible for 80 percent of the outcomes"

  • We believe in a the 80/20 principle

    "Inspired by the 80/20 principle, we believe that startups can achieve more meaningful work by focusing the twenty-percent of their effort to the eighty-percent of what matters to their customers. We know what is achievable within this time constraints and the value it creates. We want to accompany you in the journey to discover your 80/20."

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Our Products

We want to share our knowledge and inspire people to discover their 80/20:

3 hour power workshop

Are you building a product but not sure if it will work? Or are you builing a product and you don't know where to start?

1 day sprint

8-hours “solve your challenge 80-20” workshop.

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Luis Borges


Ankur Kaul


Daniel Laszlo Stanza


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